Thursday, May 28, 2015

DELTA vs Air Canada: review

Delta sent me an email and asked for me to review my flight. So I did.

Ok Delta here is the deal. I hate flying. Hate it. Because I have no control over anything and I have to rely on your employees to make sure I have a tolerable flight - and I never do. When I purchased my tickets (2 tickets for me and my new wife on our honeymoon) I was not given an option to select a seat. Then on the trip to USVI and back I was not assigned a seat next to her. The gate attendants did not care and blew me off. I was seated next to two individual fliers that could have easily been split up. Why doesn't delta make more of an effort to put seats purchased together in seats together on the flight. All we wanted to do was hold hands on our honeymoon flight. Fundamental failure in service from an airline that is suppose to be one of the best. Shame on you. 

As an aside I flew Air Canada recently with my 7 member family. After we booked I was able to call the airline and they gave us all seats together for 4 FLIGHTS!!!! Wow 7 people got to sit next to each other for 4 flights no problems. Guess how much I paid for that? NOTHING. I wish I could fly Air Canada everywhere. Fuck you Delta.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of nubs

Anonymous said...

Delta did not delivar